Canon MF730 Series

New printers and Multi Function Printers are pretty easy to install and setup, even over a network. A network Tech, like one of UltimatePc Network Specialists, is not required for basic installation of these new fancy devices.

So that brings up the point, as to why are we even discussing this issue. Well here it is. One of our Vacation Rental Clients,purchased a Canon MF730 Series, fancy shansy units. They were able to make it work normally, on most network units. Two issues arose, one this will just not work on Imacs, and second, they needed special Scan location.

We were able to fix both of those issues, or so we thought.Turns out that no matter what we did, Imacs kept falling out, and will stop printing. So after discussing with Canon Tech support, which was of no help. We found out that the main issue, is the sleeping issue of the printer. So our Network Printer Technicians, changed the sleepĀ  timing, and fixed an issue, that even canon is not aware of.

So if you are stuck with an issue, over your network, or printer/scanner, call us now, and we will get you back in business.