Microsoft Office 365

New Client requested stream lining of e-mails, calendar and contacts across all device platforms. So UltimatePC IT Gurus recommended the oldest Cloud known to man the Microsoft Exchange. Its powerful interface is just what you need if you want a synced contacts and calendar, may it be just one person or in the hundreds.

Our La Quinta Microsoft  Computer Support Specialists came across an issue with setting up Office 365 on clients Office computer. The issue was resolved after researching it. Client already had a previous version of Office 365 installed, and new install of Business Office 365 took place. This created a Office 365 activation issue. Issue was resolved by removing the old Office 365 and a reboot of the machine.

UltimatePC has a new happy client in La Quinta, we are also going to create new Logo for them. Which will be followed by a new Business Cards, Website and Brochures.

If you are in the need for any of these services, give us  a call today, and you will experience our Ultimate Service.