Netgear Orbi

There is a lot going on in the WiFi world. Netgear being one of the leading networking companies, has some new gadgets to offer.

We had the pleasure to set one up for a client lately. Our short review is below: –

This comes in nice package. costing about $300.

The unit is pretty much plug and play out of the box, for a standard install, if you are replacing an old router, just remove the old one and add this. follow on screen prompts, add the satellites, then move those to another part of the house. look for decent connection with the main unit, and you are good to go, this system does allow you to add upto 3 satellites.

All good, right.

But what if you need some advanced setup, meaning setting this up, where a router already exists, that’s where in can be turned into an AP Mode, pretty simple, works good.

So to get up and running with a state of the line,

network orbi