Synchronize Microsoft Outlook Calendar with my handHeld or BlackBerry Wireless


Due to economic downturn many users have downgraded to basic outsourced email, and have no exchange, or limited capability for synchronization of calendar, with outlook, to handheld devices like mobile smart phones.
You are using;
1. Windows 2. Microsoft newer Outlook, Have IMAP, POP or exchange based email 3. have Internet Access both on Computer and handheld
Google Account, which can be just your email and password, you need not have a Google GMail ( E Mail Account) Once you get the new account, you are asked if you want a Google GMail account, you can say NO, and continue, all you need to do is to access Google Calendar just one time, and enter a name and time Zone) — This MUST be completed before you can do the rest of the process
This is what you do
1. Go to on your mobile device
2. Download the appropriate version of the client.
3. Go here to install the windows (server) part of this process.
4. On the handheld locate the Google Mobile App
5. In my BalckBerry it was in the downloaded apps
6. Open it and login with Google account, once setup, Look for Synch ( its sort of hidden) Once you find that, open it and it will install it, and then ask you to provide the Google Account again.
Once done, you can go ahead with the sync process.