The case for NPR

I am a regular listener of NPR, and Progressive Radio stations. Only there are very few Progressive Radio stations around, plus the ones out there are just not good enough, down in Palm Springs, our Progressive radio station 1450am, shares it with baseball, so sometimes instead of Mike Meloy I get Baseball.

One thing NPR does better than everyone else is Radio. Their signal is strong, their coverage of all news is awesome, they have what the progressive radio is missing.

The Republicans have had it for NPR for a while, they are destroying everything democratic out there, Unions, NPR etc etc. I say let them have their way. NPR should just drop the federal funding altogether, and come out and declare their progressiveness, and slowly start getting the progressive talk show hosts online. This will bring in the advertisers, BUT NPR should do it differently, and do short commercials, instead of 5 minutes, maybe just 1-2 minutes only.
Thus progressive radio and NPR both will survive.
Ali Malik